Alfred and his staff are a breath of fresh air. Finally an alternative to the dealer, that is not only more cost effective but I do truly believe he provides better service than even the dealer. I am on my seventh BMW now and am only willing to take it to the only shop I trust to provide not only the best performance but at a reasonable price. Most BMW mechanics believe we are all loaded and fixing BMW’s is a licence to print money, however Vancouver West is a greatly appreciated change from this mentality. Any man that can tell you what is wrong with your vehicle and genuinely want to help you not only fix it, but save money is great in my books.
Dylan Sievert

Alfred and his team are in my estimation the best, by far!!! So good that I want to stick to VW’s so I can keep going to Vancouver West Motors. Honest, fair, professional, expert…the list goes on and on and Alfred is never too busy to walk you through the repairs he has done explaining every detail :-)))
Ines Zagoudakis

Alfred is the single most personable mechanic in all of Vancouver, he actively works with you to find the cheapest and easiest solution to all of your european vehicle’s specific needs. He charges 100$ per hour for labour which is what you’d expect from any ma and pa shop but the service and knowledge he provides far exceeds any other mechanic shop I have ever visited. He is professionalism and excellence at its highest standard. But beware, make sure you plan for an extra 30 minutes when you pick your vehicle up because you can count on Alfred to thoroughly explain exactly what was wrong with your car and the steps he took to correct your problem. Whether you’re a mechanic with no time to fix their own car like me or just a regular joe with a faulty O2 sensor, you can count on Alfred to provide you with the best service possible. Have saved thousands by coming to these guys the very least i can do is write them this glowing review. And if you see this Alfred, thanks for all of your hard work!
Liam McGee

Alfred is awesome and generous with his time. I had no idea what to expect, needed a service and was taken care of quickly and efficiently. Price was fair, not the cheapest – but the quick service was worth it. I am definitely coming here from now on! Thank you!
Maria Rudman

We have had a great experience taking our car to VWM. Alfred fixed everything at a moments notice and gave very reasonable rates on parts and labour. He was the most convenient and accommodating mechanic I have ever dealt with. Our car was successfully prepared for a long-trip and made it through safely. There were no hidden costs and all of the estimates were dead-on or if not even a little less than projected. Excellent service.
Harris Allan

I have been dealing with Vancouver West Motors for the better part of 20 years. Initially it was on recommendation from a coworker and from the start I was treated with respect and always a comprehensive explanation of what repairs were done as well as what other issues were needed if any.  Alfred took/takes the time to explain what the problems are as well as how much the repairs will be. I find his service and prices to be second to none.  Anyway after my initial experience i was so impressed that i recommended him to friends and family and all of them have thanked me since. In this day and age where it’s incredibly hard to find a trustworthy/competent auto repair facility believe me you can’t beat Alfred at Vancouver West Motors .
Winston Wong

Al and the “guys” are courteous and knowledgeable. They get the job done right the first time. Great personal service. If it’s not Al working on your vehicle, it’s Joe or James and that’s it. If you have a question you can talk directly to the mechanic. They’re more than happy to deal with any concerns you may have. Al only uses quality parts cause you get what you pay for. Whether you’re late for work, on a road trip, or just picking up the kids from school you need your car to just start and go and stop. Its just peace of mind. They’ve been servicing my cars for over 20 yrs. and my sisters cars for over 15 yrs.
Jim T.

I have been taking my Audi Quattros to Alfred since 1997. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any one for their audi/volkswagen maintenance and repairs.
Ron Einblau (S4 Quattro)

I have been taking all my cars to Al for years. All the mechanics knowledge of VW’s is incredible. All work is done quickly and right(the first time). Price can’t be beat. I will continue to take my cars to Al.
Chris Annala

Alfred knows everything there is to know about Audis / VW’s / Porsches, however beware: if you ask him a simple question about your vehicle, make sure you have at least 15 minutes to spare and a notepad to write down all the useful information that he’ll give you.
Steve Kibble

When I have something I don’t want to do or don’t have the equipment for (or don’t have time for, etc), I take it to Alfred Lal at Vancouver West Motors. He is extremely knowledgeable, works fast, and will take the time to explain what he plans to do/has done in as much detail as you want. I’ve gone to him a number of times now, and each time I leave with the good feeling you only get when you know a job has been done right (and I usually feel screwed after dealing with mechanics — especially dealership ones).
Tobin T. Copley

Alfred is professional, very knowledgeable, funny, and easy to talk to. He’s straight to the point, and the service is second to none. I’m grateful for him and his team of AAA mechanics. (Also great guys)
Robert Hunt

The quattro system is awesome in the snow. All work and maintenance has been kept up to date by Alfred at Vancouver West Motors (you are welcome to call him). It needs absolutely nothing.

Vancouver West Motors (not a dealer) is a Porsche / Audi / Volkswagen place that’s very good. My wife always takes her cars there.

Al and his staff at Vancouver West motors are so hip I’d probably take all my cars to them for service even if they weren’t VW’s, which they specialize in. Even if I don’t bring it in to tune up they do it any way after working on the stuff I have to get fixed.

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