Automotive Services by Vancouver West Motors


Vancouver West Motors can carry out services without affecting the manufacturers warranty on your vehicle.

As the modern auto has evolved so has Vancouver West. Constant update of equipment and information allow us to service and repair all aspects of today’s automobile. Anything from brakes, abs, suspension and steering repairs to oil service and spark plug service are completed to the highest caliber.

Our aim is to save you money on costly main dealer servicing, without compromising on quality or service!

As a VW/Audi servicing specialist, all services and repairs are carried out as per the manufacturers’ specifications.

We only use original equipment (OE) service parts and will give you a fixed price for your service or repair. Should we find other problems whilst working on your car, we will contact you and clear any extra costs before we carry out any further work.

At Vancouver West Motors we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our workshop team is highly skilled with over 20 years of extensive VW/Audi experience that spreads across a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

First Step

Our initial service on your car will depend on the service work previously performed on it. After this, all subsequent servicing will be to our highest standards.


To keep any modern vehicle in optimum condition it is vital that it is serviced according to VW/Audi schedule. This ensures that the wear and tear of mechanical components is kept to a minimum. It also allows regular inspection of all engine components so that any potential problems can be diagnosed early to avoid costly repairs later.

We have our own industry standard service checklist derived from the VW/Audi schedule to which we service all vehicles brought to us.


Aftermarket Performance Products and Services

Vancouver West Motors also specializes in vehicle modifications and customization. We carry a quality selection of aftermarket performance, shocks, springs, exhaust, tires and rims

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